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Susan Troy March 21, 2024
"I went to the store to purchase some bird seed. Not only did I get the seed I needed, but I learned something new about bird feeders. I've never been disappointed at this store. It's easy to find parking and the staff goes out of their way to be helpful and get you what you need. Thanks so much!"
John Donaldson October 17, 2023
"You guys are so helpful. You've got great inventory too. Thanks for all you do."
J D October 11, 2023
"Woodminster (aka Montclair) Hardware is always very helpful. & they have great inventory. I much prefer using them over Home Depot or Ace."
Peter Hubbard October 8, 2023
"This is a cool, old-school style hardware shop where you can still buy individual pieces of hardware for reasonable prices. I miss places like this!"
Vinicius Ferreira da Costa October 4, 2023